Dual Income Dwelling Investment Team

1- Seamless Design Selection & Financial Clarity:

DiDiT handpicks the optimal design for your backyard to ensure maximum rental yield. We finalise a full-cost agreement without demanding any upfront payments or deposits. Once the construction concludes and a tenant commences rental payments, DiDiT will facilitate securing a loan on your behalf. Upon approval, you will remit the previously agreed price to DiDiT. From thereon, relish a steady rental income for years to come.


2- Comprehensive Contract & Preliminary Credit Appraisal:

For your utmost peace of mind and security, we initiate the process by signing a detailed contract that clearly outlines each step, terms, and conditions. Concurrently, a preliminary credit check is conducted. This not only aids in facilitating a future loan but also ensures transparency. We verify property ownership and put all our obligations in writing, reaffirming your security and peace of mind.


3- Regulatory Compliance:

Forget the red tape. We handle all the paperwork, ensuring the planned dwelling adheres to all local and state regulations. This step ensures a hassle-free build and occupation process.


4- Construction & Installation:

Quality is our hallmark. Our construction phase is efficient, minimally invasive, and executed to the highest standards. From laying foundations to final fixtures, we manage it all.


5- Quality Checks & Handover:

Before handing over, we run rigorous quality checks, ensuring every corner of the dwelling meets our standards and is ready for occupation.


6- Tenant Management:

It’s not just about building the dwelling; it’s about ensuring it’s a source of consistent income. We find, vet, and manage tenants for you, turning your investment into a steady income stream.


7- Ongoing Support:

Our commitment to you doesn’t end post-construction. We offer ongoing support, addressing any maintenance or tenant-related concerns that might arise.