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A Simple Guide for Real Estate Agents

Identify Suitable Properties


Data Analysis

Begin by reviewing your database of properties to identify potential candidates with suitable backyard spaces for granny flat construction.


Submit Property List

Provide DiDiT with the list of properties identified. Our advanced program will analyze each property to determine its suitability for granny flat approval.


Receive Assessment

DiDiT will run the properties through our program and provide you with a comprehensive assessment, indicating which properties are suitable for granny flat construction.

Present DiDiT Opportunity to Clients

Client Outreach

Armed with the assessment results, reach out to clients whose properties are deemed suitable for granny flat construction.

Introduce DiDiT

Present the DiDiT opportunity to your clients, highlighting the benefits of adding a granny flat to their property, such as increased rental income and enhanced property value.

Facilitate Connection

Connect your clients with DiDiT by providing them with essential information and facilitating initial consultations. DiDiT will handle the rest of the process, from design to construction.

Enjoy the Benefits

New Rental Listings

Once the granny flat is completed, you’ll gain a new rental listing, adding to your portfolio and increasing your commission potential.

Increased Rent Roll

With the addition of a granny flat, your client’s property will command higher rental income, contributing to an increased rent roll for you.

Streamlined Process

DiDiT manages every aspect of the granny flat construction process, allowing you to focus on serving your clients and growing your business.

Start Maximizing Your Earnings Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams and delight your clients with DiDiT. Take the first step by identifying suitable properties and presenting the DiDiT opportunity to your clients. Contact us now to learn more about becoming a referral partner and start reaping the rewards with DiDiT.


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